Welcome to the New Season

There is still Snow on the ground but the golf season will be here before we know it and that will be a welcome sight for us all. The Men’s Association has been meeting on a monthly basis throughout the winter making plans for some new and interesting events designed to gain more participation by our membership.

We will be looking to initiate some form of weekend afternoon play to gain more interest in CCMGA sponsored tournaments. We will also be looking to change, and to some degree invigorate, Wednesday play. This we hope will attract more players whom we haven’t seen on Wednesday for several years as well to involve some of the newer members who took advantage of the new rate plans adopted by the Commission last summer.

We will continue to offer Nine and Dine on the last Sunday of June, July and September. We will once again offer two week tournaments on Wednesday in both May and August. Make sure to check our website at CCMGA.com for details and dates. The August event will feature a steak cookout following the final day.

The CCMGA (Captains Course Men’s Golf Association) would like to welcome those of you who are new members and invite you to join our association. Dues are only $10 for the year. We have added one new wrinkle in that an individual can make an additional voluntary contribution of $5.00 to our scholarship fund. We award a $1000 yearly scholarship to a graduating senior at Nauset Regional High School. Membership applications can be seen on our website (CCMGA.com) as well as in the clubhouse.

As stated above, we are striving to increase our visibility by improving our current program and adding to what we already have. We also believe that we, along with the Women’s 9 and 18 hole associations, are your advocates with the Golf Commission, Staff and Town Government.

Welcome back, whenever you arrive North, to all of our members. Look to our website to catch up on everything that is happening at the golf course and the CCMGA. We look forward to seeing you all on the course this Spring.

Ed Lewis


Posting Scores in the Winter

Q. Can I post scores during the winter?
A. Not locally. No rounds played in Massachusetts during the off season may be counted towards your Handicap Index. Any rounds played in an area that is in season (e.g. Florida) may be posted as a guest score at a GHIN club in that region or saved until the season opens in Massachusetts.

Q. Can I post scores when I play out-of-state courses?
A. Yes. Most states use the GHIN system so you can post a score the same way you would at an away club in Massachusetts. The MGA is also a participant in the International Golf Network (IGN) program. The IGN allows golf associations all over the world to share handicap information no matter what system they use.

For more information, please visit the Massachusetts Golf Association web site.


Happy New Year!

It’s 2010 and golf season is only a few months away.  If you have any ideas or suggestions for the CCMGA, please leave a comment on this topic.  The CCMGA Board will be meeting on January 21st and would love to hear your ideas for the coming year.


Board Minutes 12/3/2009

This Special Meeting was called to order at 9:00am by Ed Lewis, President. In attendance were: Ed Lewis, President, Peter Hall, Vice President, Ray Gomez, Vice President Membership, Phil Dupont, Secretary, Jim Hardman, Rob Harris, Marc Fontaine, Jim Knowles, Alan Godfried, Mike Austin, Orin Segall, and John Mano. Bill Dick Emmert, Treasurer, and Dennis Toland were absent.
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