through Sept 11  2019 (after 5 events)

Earn points towards the Memorial Trophy by playing on designated Wednesdays. The formats are individual competitions by flights. At the end of the season, the player with the most points in each flight will receive an award.

The three flight winners will compete in an 18-hole stroke play (net handicap) tournament to determine the winner of the Memorial Trophy.


George Weiss 23
Edward Pepyne 15
Rob Harris 11
David Cockcroft 11
Gary Brunet 7
Bob Emack 5
Chris Chapin 5
Brian Skea 5
Peter Haley 5
Tom Shaw 3


Emile Poirier 16.5
Bill Engster 15.5
Rich Klein 15
Charlie Pryce 14.5
Rick Nolin 14.5
Ed Stefanik 10.5
Ken Jones 3
Mike Rhines 3



Richard Eble 18
Jim Sapienza 12.5
David Smith 8
Stephen Baker 6
Harry von Thaden 4
Walt Gillis 4
Michael Rees 4
John Mano 2.5
Ned Connell 1

Past Winners

Year A-Flight B-Flight C-Flight D-Flight Memorial Trophy Winner
2019 George Weiss Emile Poirier Richard Eble (3 flights) GEORGE WEISS
2018 Brian Skea Rich Klein Richard Eble (3 flights) RICH KLEIN
2017 Mark McManus Peter Gay Walt Gillis (3 flights)  PETER GAY
2016 Rick Nolin Dick Grenon Andy Nowak (3 flights)  RICK NOLIN
2015 Rick Nolin Marc Stahl Walt Gillis (3 flights) RICK NOLIN
2014 Charlie Pryce Matt Doyle John Galante Bob Clark MATT DOYLE
2013 George Weiss Matt Doyle Bob Clark Dave Greenwald BOB CLARK
2012 Charlie Pryce Nick Cuozzi Steve O’Brien Bob Clark CHARLIE PRYCE
2011 Mike Grady John Eastman Ray Widmer Joe Martin RAY WIDMER
2010 Rob Harris Dick Martinez John Webb Irving Tarlow JOHN WEBB


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