The meeting was called to order at 3:01pm.

Board Members In attendance were: Ed Lewis, Peter Hall, Larry Bugden, Dennis Toland, John Mano, Bill McElmurray, Ray Gomez, Mike Austin, Orin Segall, Tony Amundson, Rob Harris.

President’s Report

Ed Lewis thanked the outgoing Board Members for their dedication to the CCMGA. Thank yous went
out the Tony Amundson, Bill McElmurray, and Larry Bugden.

Treasurers Report

Balance on 11/2/09 was $5309.19. On 1/1/2009, the opening balance was $4258.25. There were receipts of $11027.00, and expenses of $9983.06.


The new slate of Officers and Board members for the CCMGA was introduced:

  • Ed Lewis, President
  • Peter Hall, Vice President
  • Ray Gomez, VP Membership
  • Phil Dupont, Secretary
  • Dick Emmert, Treasurer
  • Mike Austin, VP Marketing
  • Rob Harris, Director of Communications
  • Board Members: John Mano, Jim Hardman, Dennis Toland, Orin Segall
  • New Board Members: Marc Fontaine, Jim Knowles, Ken Jones, and Alan Godfried

After receiving no nominations from the floor, a motion was made to elect the slate of candidates as presented. The motion was passed unanimously by the membership.

Ed Lewis introduced and thanked the following members of the Golf Commission for attending the meeting: Rob Harris, Karney Ovian, and Jeff Odell.

There was a free raffle to those members in attendance of several clubs and a Boston Red Sox golf bag.

The meeting was adjourned around 4pm.

The next meeting of the new CCMGA Board will be Thursday, December 3, 2009 at 9:00am at the Captains Golf Course.

Respectfully submitted,
Rob Harris