President Dennis Toland convened the regular meeting of the CCMGA Board at 2:00pm on June 17, 2015 in the Captains Conference Room. In attendance were: Dennis Toland, President, Emile Poirier, Treasurer, Phil Dupont, Secretary, Ray Gomez, VP Membership and Wednesday Play, Mike Austin, Vice President Marketing, Orin Segall, Ken Jones, Marc Stahl and Bob Young. Ray DiPietro, Vice President, Bill O’Brien, Ed Lewis and John Mano were absent.


President’s Report: The Round Robin idea is not getting much interest from other courses. Town of Dennis doesn’t appear to want to participate.

The Board received a thank you note from Mark O’Brien for our donations to Junior Golf Day.

Secretary’s Report: The Board unanimously approved the May 20, 2015 minutes.

Treasurer’s Report: We have $5,246.59 in our checking account. Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved.

Membership: We have 174 members versus 174 at roughly the same time last year. We had a total of 188 members last year.

Wednesday Play: The newly appointed committee met and is moving forward with their responsibilities. Ray Gomez said that the meal for the October 7 Annual Meeting will be provided by Ardeo’s in the banquet room. Golf will be an 8:30am shotgun. Recent reports regarding the food from Ardeo’s has been good.

Golf Commission: No report.

CCMGA Scholarship: No report.

Old Business:

VFW 9/2 cookout: Ed Lewis needs 4 volunteers (Austin, Jones, Poirier volunteered)