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The Board would like to thank those MGA members who completed the recent Survey. It would also like to thank Guests attending the Aug 22 Board Meeting for sharing thoughts aimed at providing meaningful & enjoyable golf options for Captains Course players. Points noted in both the Survey results and Board Meeting discussions will be progressed for potential 2020 implementation.

Current MGA membership = 103 (104 in 2018)

Cash available (Aug 21) = $ 2629.03  —> $ 4004.03 account balance less contingencies of $ 1000 (Scholarship) and $ 375 (Wednesday Hole In One Pool).

$ 1000 is being held for disbursement to Myles Walther (2019 Nauset HS Award winner) pending receipt of his 1st semester college academic progress report. The 2020 Scholarship program will be initiated early next year.

Tournament details can be referenced via pro shop signage or by calling the Captains Course at any time (Invitational is managed by Captains Course).

Insurance arrangements for the $ 10,000 Hole-In-One prize (sponsored by the MGA) are in place. The cost of coverage will be $ 506 with sponsored holes being #5 Starboard (Saturday) and #11 Port (Sunday). Per insurance requirements, 3P witnesses will be in place on both days. Appropriate signage will be provided, identifying the Hole-In-One competitions.

In-cart refreshments (crackers / water) & ball sleeves will be provided for all competitors .. a 50/50 raffle will be held following Sunday’s round (10 tickets @ $20).

MGA SURVEY (Rob Harris)
A quick recap of Survey results :
(a) 85% favored the MGA continuing as an organization
(b) 11 respondents indicated they may consider MGA Board membership
(c) 30% favored some form of social aspect be considered for MGA events
(d) large majority indicated they would not be significantly impacted if MGA competitions were not offered (assumes current Wednesday formats)

As an extension of Survey results, discussion took place among Board members and Guests. The discussions were open, informative & appreciated by all participants. It was agreed there may be opportunities for improving the golf experience for Captains players via changes in timing &/or formats. Although late in the 2019 golf calendar (note : the MGA Sep 18 competition is under review for a potential format change), attendees agreed to continue discussions through the winter with an eye toward the 2020 season. As noted earlier, with several Board members departing at the end of the 2019 season, it will be imperative to maintain a viable MGA Board in driving any modified or new golf concepts.

Given the low number of sign-ups ahead of Labor Day, there will be no MGA Wednesday competitions on August 28 or September 4. The remaining MGA events will be a September 11 Individual Quota .. September 18 TBN (a new /expanded event is under review) .. and October 2 Best Ball w/AGM following.

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