We will begin our Wednesday association matches on June 10th. In order to play in the events, you will need to be a member of the CCMGA so don’t forget to fill out an application and sign up today. You can get an application at
We have a few new wrinkles this year because of the pandemic restrictions. Please read this carefully and we can all have a safe and fun summer of golf!
We encourage you to join our group for 2020. We are still actively accepting CCMGA applications and recommend that you mail them to:

PO Box 2087
Brewster, MA 02631

1. We have the first two hours of tee times on Wednesday. With the current 15 minute intervals, that means we have 8 tee times for 32 players. We will be assigning people first-come first-served based on the time that you sign up online. Emails will be sent when sign ups are opened. Our first event will begin accepting sign ups on Sunday, May 31st

New and Improved for 2020. We can use any of the times in the first two hours, so you will be able to ask for an early time or a later time within the block. The first couple of events begin at 7:00 and go through 8:45, after the times will start at 6:30 and go through 8:15.

2. If you miss the 32 player limit on one week, then you are guaranteed to be included the following week if you sign up.
3. The course is currently not allowed to accept cash, so we aren’t either. There will be no entry fees while this restriction is in place. The CCMGA will supply a prize pool each week of $2/man. The number of payouts will be based on the number of groups.
4. There will be no prize money during the four Individual Quota events that count towards the Memorial Trophy. Instead, winners of the 3 flights at the end of the year will receive a personalized trophy, and the overall winner’s name will be engraved on the permanent trophy.
5. No closest-to-the-pin prizes this year because we cannot have tape measures on the course.
6. No hole-in-one prize as long as the cups are in the raised position.
7. A putt is considered “holed” if the ball hits the cup. A ball in a bunker may be replaced in the bunker until rakes are returned to the course.
8. When signing up for the event, we will be asking if you desire a riding cart. You will need to pay for your cart with a credit card when you arrive for your tee time.
9. There are no scorecards at the course right now, so you will need to print one.
10. Team Captains will need to email the scores for everyone in your group at the conclusion of the round. Results will be posted on the CCMGA web site. The email address is scores@CCMGA.com
11. If you have any question, please let us know!
CCMGA Board of Directors:

Bill O’Brien, Rob Harris, Ken Eisner, Peter Hall, Peter Lynch, John Mano, Emile Poirier, Dennis Toland, Gary Senecal