Join us in 2018

The first CCMGA event is on Wednesday, April 18th (you can begin signing up on Sunday, April 8th)

Why not download an application and send in your dues now while you’re thinking about it?

The CCMGA exists to promote camaraderie and sportsmanship, to organize competitions and events throughout the year, and to support the operation of the Captains for the benefit of all members and guests.

The CCMGA sponsors and organizes a full calendar of events.

Wednesday – Not just Quota Anymore

  • No commitment. Sign up online each week.
  • Many formats: Two-Man Best Ball, Two-Week Tournaments, and more.
  • Everyone is welcome. We welcome all skill levels!
  • Memorial Trophy, a season long points competition.
  • Great way to meet other members.

And the best of all… You don’t have to make a tee time! We have early block times.


  • Wednesday Play begins on April 18.
  • Two-Week Two Man Best Ball Tournament ( May 16 & 23 )
  • The 7th Annual Captains Invitational  ( September 8 & 9 )


The CCMGA is the proud sponsor of the Mike Austin Scholarship awarded annually to an outstanding college­-bound student from the Nauset Golf Team.


Happy Independence Day!

In honor of Independence Day, the CCMGA will not have an event on July 5th.  We wish you and your family a Happy Fourth of July!

We will be back on Wednesday, July 12th with Two-Man Best-Ball (Make Your Own Team).  Sign up begins on Sunday, July 2nd.


June 7 – Results

Format: Individual Quota

Memorial Trophy Qualifier (Standings)

1. Peter Gay (+6)
2. Steve Baker (+4)
3. John Eastman (+3)
4. Ray DiPietro (E)
5. Ray Widmer (-1)

1. Mike Sheehan (+4)
2. Walt Gillis (+2)
3. Dave Greenwald (+1)
4. Ed Corey (-3)
5. Ron Senatore (-4)

1. Eric Ehnstrom (+2)
T2. John Halunen (-2)
T2. Dale Alger (-2)
T4. Brian Skea (-3)
T4. Bill Engster (-3)

Closest-to-the-pin: John Halunen, 8′ 1.5″

For complete results, please see 2017-06-07


Results – May 31

Format: Two Best Balls

1st. (-8) Rick Martino, Mark McManus, Dale Alger, Ned Connell
T2. (-7) Brian Skea, Charlie Pryce, Bob Taylor
T2. (-7) Peter Lynch, Bob Liptak, Peter Hall, Dennis Toland

For complete results, please see 2017-05-31

Closest to the pin: Ray DiPietro, 1’8″


May 24 – Results

Format: Two-Week Tournament
Final Results

1. (-18) Bob Taylor & Mike Sheehan
2. (-9) Ken Jones & Tom Shaw
T3. (-8) Brian Skea & Eric Ehnstrom
T3. (-8) Dale Alger & David Smith
T3. (-8) Rick Martino & Mark McManus

For complete results, please see 2017-05-24

Closest to the pin, Starboard #2, Seby Greco, 8’4″


May 10 – Results

Format: Individual Quota by Flights

T1. Bill Engster (+3)
T1. Tom Shaw (+3)
T3. Mike Dickens (+2)
T3. Ken Jones (+2)
3 ties at T5. (E) Eric Ehnstrom, Ned Connell, Rick Martino

1. Jim Sapienza (+3)
2. Seby Greco (+2)
T3. Ray Widmer (-2)
T3. Peter Gay (-2)
2 ties at T5. (-3) Joe McDonald, Ray DiPietro

1. Marc Stahl (+3)
2. Bill Kirkby (+2)
3. Mike Sheehan (+1)
4. Ron Senatore (-1)
5. Irving Tarlow (-2)

For complete results, please see 2017-05-10


May 3 – Results

Format: Four-Man, Two Best Balls

  1. (-16) Peter Hall, Dennis Toland, Dean Foster, Peter Lynch
  2. (-12) John Mano, Jim Knowles, Rob Harris, Bill McElmurray

For complete results, please see 2017-05-03

Closest to the pin on Port #5 at 5’2″… Dave Greenwald