New Course Ratings

The Captains Golf Course was recently rated by the Massachusetts Golf Association.  This resulted in a change to our course ratings and slope from all tee boxes effective on August 1, 2016.

There is a new “Course Handicap Chart” on this web site which you can always get to be the links in the sidebar on the right.  New scorecards should be available in the pro shop now (or shortly).

One change of importance is in the course ratings for the White and Gold tees.  Gold tee players that are playing against White tee players must now give 2 strokes to the White tee player on BOTH the Starboard and the Port courses. Here is a chart of strokes changes for playing from different tees.

The appropriate changes will be reflected on the Wednesday Play tournament on Wednesday, August 3rd.



Results – July 20

Format: Two Best Balls (of Four)
90% handicaps

  1. (-22) John Giansante, Brian Kenner, Frank Hewitt, Bob Morton
  2. (-14) John Halunen, Harry von Thaden, Dick Grenon, Irving Tarlow
  3. (-13) Bob Taylor, Brian Gay, Andy Nowak
  4. (-13) Doug Caldwell, Basil Bourque, Dale Alger, Dave Smith

For complete results, please see 2016-07-20 Results

Closest to the pin: Bob Taylor, 2’6″


Results – July 13th

Format: Two-Man Best Ball, 90% handicaps

  1. (-12) Ken Jones & Marc Stahl
  2. (-11) Walt Gillis & Ron Senatore
  3. (-10) Nick Cuozzi & Joe McDonald
  4. (-9) Frank Ballantine & Bill Engster
  5. (-9) Mark McManus & Rick Martino

For complete results, please see Results 2016-07-13

Closest to the pin: Walt Gillis 7’4″


Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!In honor of Independence Day, the CCMGA will not have an event on July 6th.  We wish you and your family a Happy Fourth of July!

We will be back on Wednesday, July 13th with Two-Man Best-Ball (Make Your Own Team).  Sign up begins on Sunday, July 3rd.


Results – June 29

Format: Individual Quota by Flights

1. (+6) Mike Sheehan
2. (+4) Dave Monroe
3. (+3) Ray Gomez
T4. (2 tied at +2) Irving Tarlow & Walt Gillis

1. (+10) Charlie Pryce
2. (+4) Rick Nolin
3. (E) John Halunen
T4. (4 tied at -3) Frank Ballantine, Mark McManus, Bill Battles, Ken Jones

1. (+6) Joe McDonald
2. (+5) Nick Cuozzi
3. (+2) Marc Stahl
4. (+1) John Eastman
5. (2 tied at Even) Steve Salidas, John Galante

For complete results, please see Results 2016-06-29

Closest to the pin: Ken Jones at 21’5″


Results – June 8

Format: 2 Best Balls of Four

  1. (-18) Peter Lynch, Bob Liptak, Dennis Toland, Bill McElmurray
  2. (-14) Frank Ballantine, John Eastman, Steve Baker, Harry von Thaden
  3. (-10) Bill Battles, Richard Klein, Andy Nowak, Mike Sheehan

Closest to the pin: Ray Widmer 3′ 10″

For complete results, please see 2016-06-08 Results



Results – June 1

Format: Individual Quota by Flights

This is a Memorial Trophy Qualifier.  The season standings have been updated.

1. (+5) Dick Grenon
T2. (+2) Ray Widmer
T2. (+2) John Eastman
T4. (E) Joe McDonald, Peter Gay, Bob Young, & Bob Morton

1. (+5) Peter Zacchilli
T2. (+1) Mike Sheehan
T2. (+1) Irving Tarlow
T4. (E) Harry von Thaden & Walt Gillis

1. (+3) John Halunen
T2. (+2) Doug Caldwell
T2. (+2) Mark McManus
4. (E) Rob Harris
T5. (-1) Rick Nolin, Chris Chapin, & Dale Alger

Closest to the Pin: Bob Taylor, 19′ 7″

For complete results, please see 2016-06-01 Results


Results – May 25

Format: Two-Week Tournament, Two-Man Best Ball

Final Results

T1. (-14) Peter Lynch & Dennis Toland
T1. (-14) Charlie Pryce & Seby Greco
T3. (-13) Phil Dupont & Ken Jones
T3. (-13) Bob Bassett & Tom Hughes

Closest To The Pin: Peter Gay, 12′ 0″

For complete results, please see 2016-05-25 Results


Results – May 18

Format: Two-Week Tournament, Two-Man Best Ball
Standings after Week One:

1. (-8) Phil Dupont, Ken Jones
T2. (-7) John Halunen, Dick Grenon
T2. (-7) Peter Lynch, Dennis Toland
T4. (-6) Frank Ballantine, John Eastman
T4. (-6) Bob Bassett, Tom Hughes
T4. (-6) Ray Gomez, Bill Kirkby

For complete standings after week one, please see 2016-05-18 Results

Closest To The Pin: Ed Lewis, 10’5″ on Starboard #5